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Slotomania is a slot machine game that is very popular on Facebook. New players start with one available slot machine and limited virtual coins. Players accumulate experience points as they play. New slot games and other features become available as players move up in level.

Our Slotomania leveling charts are designed to help players make optimum bets with low risk of running out of coins (but it does happen).

Large wins come around once every few hundred spins. The goal of these charts is to help carry you to that next big win while you still have a decent bankroll.

For Slotomania, I consider a large win as 1,000 times or more of the single line bet. So if your single line bet is $15, then a single spin win of $15,000 is considered a big win.  These big wins can sometimes be over 4,000 times the bet. You often see these from bonus rounds, but they can also come from single spins and sometimes can come from free scatter spins.

Sloto Matey Bonus Round (1,140 single line bet)

This image shows a big win of $11,400 which came from a $10 single line bet. May not seem like a lot, but notice the $4,300 balance before this win. This player nearly tripled his bank roll on this one bonus round.

His bank would now be about $16k. This will allow him to make larger bets which quickens his leveling and presents the opportunity to win larger prizes.

Here’s another image showing a player with a larger bank, making bigger bets.

Slotomania Farm Fortune Bonus Round (2,600 times single line bet)

This player won a monster bonus round with a $150 single line bet.



Leveling information has recently changed. Some information is missing as I am still trying to gather new leveling data. If you would like to contribute to this chart, or make corrections, please send me a message.

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